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Chef Travis FlooD

Chef Flood is at the helm of Pappas' culinary adventures.  A native Southern Californian, Travis has been cooking, training and managing kitchens for more than 20 years. From working in local mom and pop restaurants to Michelin star’d fine dining, and modern California eateries, Travis brings a restaurateurs approach to his cooking and philosophies.

He’s an ardent proponent of organic and sustainable ingredients; adamant that farms and seasons should determine the restaurant’s menu. His formal training began at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, where he graduated with honors. He went on to work with such renowned chefs as Laurent Gras, whom he credits as his mentor. Today, he’s known for the creativity and ingenuity behind his dishes, which feature local, seasonal ingredients that he frequently hand-picks. Flood is a master at blending classic and modern elements, providing patrons with an experience that’s both unique and familiar.

Matt Fong

Matt spearheads operations and the educational development arm of Pappas Artisanal.  Matt spent his early professional career on Wall Street, working as a junior banker for investment banking firms, Bear Stearns (now JPMorgan) and Citigroup.  After spending more than 6 years in the industry, Matt moved to China to pursue a number of entrepreneurial ventures, including those in the healthcare, sports, and food & beverage industries.

Having returned from China, Matt, alongside a diverse group of Straight Line Academy education advisors, has found his new calling in uniquely pairing Pappas' industry efforts with a forward thinking education platform.  

Matt is the strategist, cheerleader, and lead educator for the team's business concerns and all things community related.


Chef Arthur Siler

Heralding in from a great list of established restaurant groups, Chef Siler joins team Pappas as its sous chef and main in charge while Chef Flood oversees the group.  Chef Siler's creations are immediately felt over the wide range of cooking styles and menu items that Pappas Artisanal has become known for throughout the years.  Code named Little Big, you'll see why when you join us for a weekend dinner...