We are out to change the way that the service industry develops its next generation of talent.

In short, here's what we do.  We're equipping our next generation with a set of relevant business skills that is transferrable to any selected career path.  

We teach curious minds how to develop their respective career paths by leveraging free business content from the web.  Our lessons and classwork integrate the restaurant's day-to-day business challenges with the most current professional development skills (ie. crowed funding on KickStarter, spreadsheet development with Smart Sheet, and accounting with Khan Academy.)

Our class content is delivered every week on our Facebook page.  Then, every three to four weeks we shut our restaurant down and turn it into a classroom.  As shown in the photos, it's at our restaurant where we host an open dialogue about the prior week's business content that was posted.  It sounds simple..., because it is!  


If you're not yet convinced.... please read further.

Firstly, check out a few facts about the U.S. restaurant industry.  In the United States...

  1. We are the largest employers of people of color
  2. We are the second largest employer of immigrants
  3. We are the second largest employer of minimum wage workers

Next, please read this small piece from Tony Wagner's book, The Global Achievement Gap; a quote that should spark that fire, a book that we've grown to love, and a way of thinking that serves as the foundation of Pappas Artisanal's education program:

“The global achievement gap remains invisible to most of us – in part, because it is fueled by economic, social, political, and technological changes that have taken place so rapidly over the last two decades that they seem more like static in people’s lives than like tangible forces that are shaping our future.  But these changes are powerful, and until we understand them and rethink what young people need to know in the twenty-first century and how they are best taught, our future as a country remains uncertain.”– Tony Wagner, M.A.T. and Ed.D., Harvard University School of Education.

Now, I'll take a moment to jot down a couple of thoughts from Pappas Artisanal's team:

  1. The professional playing field that defines anyone's career is as level as it’s ever been; largely brought on by the availability of technology and the resulting commoditization of information. 
  2. There are innumerable commonalities in the challenges that large, multi-national companies face and those of small startups.  Such parallels support the view that students should observe and work with intent while navigating their respective job positions, only to apply what’s learned on the job to their careers as future professionals.
  3. Our industry, with its captive audience of patrons and entry-level employees, should be the new modern-day classroom given the right direction and the right amount of push.

When it comes down to it, the restaurant industry is a great platform to learn from, so long as a 'best approach to bussines' perspective is provided in an environment that's conducive to learning.  College-bound or not, from years-of-experience to none, our industry is open and accessible to anyone that's willing to put in the hard work.  For the aforementioned reasons, we decided to try our best hand at providing an effective education platform to the masses that cross our 4-walls and beyond.

If you're interested in participating, either as a curious attendee or guest speaker, click on the button below to send an email to internship

Happy learning - The Pappas team